"to teddy remus lupin,

a great wizard in the making!"

Teddy Remus Lupin
5 April
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Wotcher! I'm Teddy Remus Lupin, son of Nymphadora Tonks (although she'll have your hide if you call her that) and Remus Lupin. I'm a wizard, and a metamorphmagus. I was sorted into Hufflepuff while at Hogwarts, although the Sorting Hat had a hell of a time trying to decide if I should be there or in Gryffindor. I'm a bit of both, really. I'm quite proud of that.

My parents did all their best to ensure I would grow up to be safe and happy. Nineteen years later, I can safely say that I am. And I am eternally proud of being their son.

ted remus lupin: basic information
* Gender: Male
* Eye color: Able to be changed at will
* Hair color: Able to be changed at will
* Born: April 5th, 1998
* Family: Remus Lupin (father) †; Nymphadora Tonks (mother) †; Andromeda Tonks (grandmother); Ted Tonks (grandfather)†; Harry Potter (godfather)
* Blood Status: Half-blood
* Alias: Teddy
* Current occupation: Auror
* Attended Hogwarts from 2009-2016
* Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
* Significant other: Victoire Weasley
* Favourite hair colour: Turquoise
hpsixwords storyline:
Teddy is nineteen years old. Just when he had been accepted to the auror program so he could follow his dream life changes for him and everyone around him. People start coming back from the dead, including his parents, and including people like Voldemort. Before they know it chaos begins once more, and the third war starts.

During the third war Teddy experienced what it was like to suffer through a war; he himself got taken and tortured by Fenrir Greyback and Antonin Dolohov which sent him spiriling into a hole of post traumatic stress and depression. He proposed to Vic in a very spur-of-the-moment decision. He shut people out when he would have never done so before. Life seemed stressful and, for a moment, he almost let all those fears and darkness consume him until he could no longer return to being the one he once was.

The war is over, though, and he's struggling to go back to being the man he used to be. Things don't seem as hopeless, and he's determined on finding a way out. Somehow. He has to; for his parents, for his sister, for his grandparents, for his godfather, for his girlfriend, for his family and friends in general, but most of all for himself. He has a second chance at life, after all, and a chance of finally getting to know his parents. Who is he to just throw it away that easily?

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grownhp6words storyline (and beyond):
Ten years later. Teddy is twenty-nine. At twenty-one he finishes his Auror training and he works alongside his mother while his father continues working at Hogwarts in his position as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. He has three sisters (Maisie, and twins Andrea and Anna Min) and a brother (Harry Alastor), and he's finally married to Vic. The two have a toddler named Sophia.

Life really is worth fighting for. Of that, he has absolutely no doubt.

(more details will come as soon as it's decided)

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theatrical_muse/sixwordstories/tenwordstories storyline:
This is completely separate from the storylines above. Here Teddy is twenty years old. He's a happy young man, full of life and ready to take on whatever comes his way. He lives with his grandmother, and he's in a very stable relationship with Victoire Weasley. From time to time he uses a time turner to go back in time and see how life used to be when he was still too young to remember or was not even alive yet; the curiosity he inherited from his mother and the Marauder side of his father outweigh any fears he might have. Nonetheless, he is very careful in his traveling so the past can remain as it is no matter how much he may wish to do otherwise to save his parents.

Recently his mother returned from the dead and he has been happily adjusting to having her around. It still hurts that his father is still dead, but he has his mother back. Taking that gift for granted is something he would never do. Together they are dealing with the grief of his death, and are very close. With her, his grandmother, his girlfriend, and the enormous family he has he feels extremely fortunate.

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writer's notes:
not real. roleplaying journal and member of hpsixwords, grownhp6words, hp_beyond, theatrical_muse, sixwordstories and tenwordstories. open for roleplaying for any timeline/character/anything. will definitely contain spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as well as mentions (probably) from the rest of the series.

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