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08 August 2008 @ 05:40 pm
[TM] If you could be in the Olympics (summer or winter), what event/sport would you want to do most?  
I don't play sports, really. Or, well, I do but not ... not how people expect it?

I dunno, the only sport I would have really gotten into - competitively, I mean - is quidditch. Just look at my godfather's and my mum's love for the game. I like it too, but I never got into the team at school; not because I couldn't but because I didn't want to. I could have, sure, but I chose not to. I just play with the Potter and Weasley children whenever they need someone else on their teams; it's more fun to me that way.

But, let's see, if I was in the Muggle Olympic games... I would probably be torn between the track and field thing, and boxing. I jog, a lot. I'm pretty fast, and I can run long distances easily, so I would do well. And boxing, that's my stress-relief exercise. What, you thought wizards couldn't try boxing? I can have some anger issues if I'm not careful, so I try to work things out by punching something or someone. In a good way. I could do that in the games, and who knows, maybe I'd be the first wizard to win a Muggle medal for it.

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