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12 July 2008 @ 11:06 am
[TM] Hair.  
I love my hair. Rather vain, I suppose, but it's true. I have awesome hair.

My "natural" hair color is black. Those are genes from the Black family that I couldn't get away from and, you know... I like it. When I was little I used to wonder why I had black hair when my parents' is brown, but eventually I learned to understand that I had traits from not only them, but from other people in the family as well. Then, when I put together that my godfather had hair like mine, and so did my father's best friends, I just thought it was fantastic.

I don't only have black hair, though. My hair can morph into any color that I want. A shade of green that is just right, the brightest of turquoise, a certain shade of magenta? I can do it. I can have various colors at the same time, too. And not only that, but I can also have it as long or short as I want. It's absolutely amazing, and I have fun trying out new colors.

Oh, right. Heh, one time I saw one of those Muggle toys - a mood ring? - and my hair is sort of like that, too. When I get angry it turns into this brilliant shade of red. If I'm happy it morphs turquoise. If I'm sad, any color that I look looks opaque it's a pain to morph it just right so that people don't suspect when this happens, but I can do it perfectly. It's interesting, really. The best part is when it changes without me even noticing that it does, because I love to see people's reactions. When I was little it would happen constantly, actually. Taking me out to the Muggle world wasn't exactly the best idea then.

See why I say my hair is fantastic? Besides from the fact that I inherited the Black family hair gene, I mean. Being a metamorphmagus makes it impossible for me to not like it.

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