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02 August 2008 @ 11:27 pm
[TM] Write about a time that you were the bearer of bad news.  
Even if Teddy had been waiting anxiously for this day, now that it was finally here part of him wished it wouldn't have come.

It had started out as it always did during the summers; him fighting away the fact that it was morning and that he had to wake up, breakfast, out to see Victoire-- And it was then that it had happened. During his visit with Victoire, the owl had found him in mid-snog and the letter from the Ministry had fallen on his lap.

His heart had started beating so strongly against his chest at the sight of it, because he already knew what it was. That piece of parchment would tell him if he would be starting Auror training, or if he should start looking for something else to do for the rest of his life. Everyone had already reassured him that he would be a shoo-in, that the Ministry would be lucky to have him and that it was a given that he would make it into the program, but now that the envelope had arrived Teddy was suddenly nervous. So very, very nervous.

Nonetheless, after a deep breath, the piece of parchment had been opened as his heart seemed to halt while he read the words... And he was in! He had made it into the program. He would be an Auror. He would accomplish what he had wanted to do since he was a little boy. He would be following his godfather's footsteps, and his mother's--

And that was when the dread kicked in.

Now he was supposed to go home, to inform his grandmother of the fact that her only grandson had been accepted into the Auror program. That he would be an Auror, just like her daughter had been. Her only daughter. The same daughter that had been killed in the last war.

"I better go tell her now," Teddy murmured to Vic after she hugged and kissed him to congratulate him, and with another kiss he stood from his spot and took another deep breath. How was he supposed to even start telling her? Being an Auror was dangerous, and he knew it. The risk of getting killed was always there. How was he supposed to tell her that he was willing to do that? That she could lose her grandson to a Dark Wizard, in the same way that she had lost her daughter?

Flooing into the living room seemed to happen even faster than it usually did, and as he brushed off the bits of floo powder that lingered on his clothes Andromeda Tonks walked in from the kitchen with a smile on her face. A smile that seemed to fade in the slightest when she caught sight of the look on her grandson's face even if he did his best to smile back.

"Gran," Teddy said quietly as her eyes trailed over to the piece of parchment he was still holding. She knows. "There's ... something I need to tell you."

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