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07 July 2008 @ 01:33 pm
[tm] Show us where you live.  
When I was younger my homes were Gran's and Grimmauld. By default I lived with Gran, but I always had a room at Grimmauld, and was allowed to sleep there whenever I wanted to. I loved it, of course; I was always around people I loved to spend time with, I had twice as many toys, twice as many places to explore... It was fantastic. And each house is filled with history. At Gran's it's the place where two people I never met lived (Grandfather and Mum, in case you don't know), and where their family was built. At Grimmauld... Merlin, that place is filled with history. Every corner of it. From the history the Black family made, to what my godfather has created with his own. And since I love history, you can just imagine how much I love those two houses.

Growing up how I did made me learn something. It didn't matter where I was, or where I was staying on any particular night. I lived and felt happy wherever my loved ones were, and I still do. Sure, that sense of comfort is stronger at Grimmauld and Gran's, but as long as those I love are around me, I can live - and in every sense of the word - anywhere at all. I love it. To me, that's perfect, and rather convenient.

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